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9th of April, 2015

You know, the things girls do for a boy are SUPER RIDICULOUS. Just saying. I mean, what do boys for us? Sure, there are boys who are really charming and cute and lovely, - but let's be honest. The majority is desperately looking for a good fuck these days. The most annoying thing, probably, is... they'll only judge you by your looks. They're not interested in what you like, or what your passions are, what your favourite band or colour is. It's only the way you look. Nothing else. Isn't that weird? Shouldn't we surround ourselves with people who we like for WHO THEY ARE and not for WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE? Back to the things girls do for boys. Well, there is these super cute actor/DJ/guy-who's-good-at-anything and he's playing a role in that movie. Carrie. So, I thought I'd give it a shot, obviously without knowing that this is a FREAKING BLOODBATH!!! I'm a mess. Not to mention that my favourite actor is dying (like in the movie, - of course), which makes everything even more worse. God. Now I'll probably get nightmares and sleep with all the lights on. AND THIS at the age of 21. I don't know if this is weird or just super awkward... Not to mention that this actor, which I've been talking about in my other post actually, - Ansel Elgort -, wil never know I exist. He will never know my name, he will never know what my favourite band is, he will never know that my favourite colour is lilac. This is so frustrating. You know, he's so good at everything. This is actually quite frustrating because no boy should walk around and be good at anything, - and not being available for me. This is pure torture. ): Well, yeah. I'm going to drown myself in tears now. No, probably not. But seriously, life would be easier if famous people would actually notice you and not just see you as a fan, most times. God, I'm being so negative today. I blame "Carrie". Goodnight. E x
9.4.15 21:22


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